Mbaas-Development GmbH

The Mbaas Development GmbH has been founded by me (Steffen Römer) and Christian Stanke a friend of mine and former colleague at the Kunst-Stoff GmbH. At first we wanted to build a game studio but quickly came to the concluion to build a mobile backend as a service platform wich we then did with embraase wich later evolved into the software localization platform Applanga. To bootstrap and finance the early devlopment before we got funding we also did 2 contract projects a periodic table app and a digital children book in unity. At the the end of 2018 we sold the Mbaas Development GmbH to Transperfect "the largest privately owned language services provider, with offices in over 100 cities worldwide" and I'm still leading Applanga's development as my main daily job.


Applanga is a modern, cloud-based translation management system for all of your software localization needs and especially for native mobile apps and games.

Schul PSE

The Periodic Table of the Elements is the constant companion in chemistry lessons. Prepared didactically, this app not only offers the usual data for the elements, but also many clear...

Die große Wörterfabrik

There is a country where people hardly speak. In this strange country you have to buy the words and swallow them to be able to pronounce them. Little Paul desperately...


In order to permanently satisfy user demand, today’s mobile apps must be continuously adapted and improved. Bearing in mind that not every user has the same needs. This is where...