Orkitec is a solo independent developer from Berlin founded by me (Steffen Römer) in 2009 around the same time that I've joined kunst-stoff. It was offical registered because I wanted to release a game in the apple appstore and needed a legal entity for this. I also wanted to try to license my game engine that I've already worked on for a few years as a hobby and learning project for myself. Over the past 10+ years orkitec released several games, apps and plugins.


ChessFinity is a totally new spin on chess. While adapting the rules from the most famous strategy game of all times, ChessFinity adds the thrill of an endless runner. We’ve...


VRWebKit allows you to surf the web using mobile virtual reality headsets like google cardboard! You can also watch many kinds of 3D, VR, 180 and 360 panoramic degree videos...

Virtual Petality

Unable to have your own pet? Well never fear, as that’s what Virtual Petality is for. Taking the idea of Nintendogs for VR, Virtual Petality gives you the chance to...


What’s more terrifying than an army of cute chicks storming your location?

TexturePacker SpriteTools

Convenient converter that takes SpriteAtlas generated with TexturePacker and converts them to Unity new native 2D SpriteSheets.


Stickporter is a unique puzzle platformer introducing the teleport mechanic. You will explore many chambers always on the search for a way out. Stickporter is no ordinary game. It is...

orkige - Orkitec Game Engine

Multiplatform Game Engine.